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Currently, BatGrabbers are unavailable.  Once this situation changes, notice will be posted on this web site to that effect.  We regret having to place this notice as many customers and users of the BatGrabber have overwhelmingly supported and promoted the BatGrabber products.  The list is endless of users who rave about this product.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, BatGrabber are temporarily unavailable.   The raw material used in making BatGrabbers is not available through the manufacturer.  Economics caused the manufacturer to close down the operations some time back.  With a sizeable inventory, we felt another supplier could be located before the inventory ran out, but alas, that did not happen.

Until a new supplier of the raw material can be qualified, BatGrabbers will not be available.  Your interest in this product is always appreciated and we recommend checking back here now and then to see if this situation has changed.



BatGrabber™ is the greatest setup tool ever invented for potters

The Bat-Grabber in use - Click to order
  • Keeps uneven  bats, and bats with worn out holes in place
  • Prevents damage to wheel-head when lifting bats off
  • Fast setup and tear-down time - Quick bat changes, great for production potters
  • Great for trimming aid - Eliminates damage to leather-hard pots when holding pot for trimming
  • Lets you focus on creativity and spend less time on the technical setup challenges

With BatGrabber, Setup is as easy as 1 -2 -3

1 - Wet BatGrabber and squeeze the water out
2 - Set BatGrabber on dry wheel-head
3 - Place bat on top of BatGrabber

That's all there is to it. When you're done, no more prying the sticky bat off the wheel-head damaging the wheel or the bat or even worse - flipping your finished piece of pottery onto the floor. Simply lift up and the bat will come off the wheel-head without any struggle. Grab a new bat and you're ready to go. Use a second BatGrabber on top of your bat to hold your leather-hard pottery for trimming (without the clay feet pressing against your piece and damaging or misshaping the fragile piece. Great tool for beginners too!